Female RunnerAn online running journal is a site that allows you to log your running, aerobic, and other cross-training activities. You can log your activities, including details such as duration, pace, splits, or repetitions. In addition, you can make notes on each day according to your preference. Not only this, but everyday you can input health information such as weight, body fat %, and sleep so that you can track your progress in these categories at any time. A report including minimum, maximum, and average of all of these variables is available. In addition, you can create custom reports to track progress of anything you choose. This is great for tracking the number of times you have run a specific course or with a specific person, and what your times were during these.


If you choose, you can allow others to view your running log. Using features such as teams, you can even give them access to leave your friends notes on your log. Get some friends to sign up for an online running journal site and you can track each others’ progress and leave them notes of encouragement or even a slap on the wrist if they haven’t been working out as much as they should!  It is a great resource and there are several sites that provide these journals now.

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